Friday, January 20, 2012


So, I'm going to be a hermit this weekend. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. This is my first time joining in on it and honestly, I don't plan to leave the house all weekend! It's been freezing cold here in the MN for a lot of this week. All the more reason to hibernate.

I'm sure you're wondering what I'm going to be working on. Or maybe you aren't! Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

My February Cottage - here is where it stands last night. {I apologize for the craptastic picture, I didn't feel like getting my camera out}

I think I will work on this first and hopefully finish it. I believe that the March chart is on its way to me next week so I'd like to get this finished. I have a frame that I can pop them in and out of so I want to get that set up too.

Then I joined Vonna's SAL for Elizabeth Hancock. I have a small start on this, however, I'm struggling with the fabric color. I am using the called for WDW Straw linen, however, I'm using 35 count rather than 30. But I keep wondering if it is too dark? I would hate for the beautiful Belle Soie threads to not show up well. Hmmm. Anyone have any thoughts? I've barely started so it wouldn't be horrible to start over on a different fabric. Here it is - again - not a great picture.

Then, last but not least, is my fun Lizzie*Kate 6 Fat Men. This is such a fun stitch and right up my snowmen addiction alley! Here is my progress so far on this:

And now Blogger is making me center everything I type. I find this to be annoying. Sigh. Oh well,
I'm off to hunker down with my February cottage. I hope everyone has wonderful weekends.
Happy Stitching!


  1. It looks like you have a wonderful weekend planned with great projects! They are all favorites of mine.
    Your stitching is lovely.

  2. beautiful stitching and lovely projects xxx

  3. I hope your hermiting stitching weekend is going well! Love the start on Elizabeth Hancock, and I think the cream silk will show up really well on the fabric. Your 6 Fat Men are adorable, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you get done over the weekend.

  4. You have some lovely projects going. Those snowmen are so cute. :) I go back and forth with choosing fabrics so I'm afraid I'm not much help there.
    Hope you've enjoyed your stitching weekend. :)

  5. Kris,

    I have also joined the SAL for Elizabeth Hancock. I love the linen it called for until I saw a photo on the SAL of someone who had started it on a lighter fabric. But, since I have almost completed the first page I am not gonna change the fabric now. I would keep fiddling with it until you find the right color.

    Looking forward to seeing your fabric choice! And I will add myself as a follower of your blog today!